Hi, I’m Chichi and I was made in Kenya but now live in the Suffolk/Norfolk border area, U.K.

For the past few years, I have wanted to create a blog. It’s the one thing that I really want to do. So after talking and dreaming about it for ages, I finally bit the bullet and here we are. I now have an outlet to share my love of fashion,beauty and interiors. You know that saying, ‘if you dream it, you can achieve it’? I’d like to encourage you to dream and see life better than it is. Do not focus on fear.

I love feminine style and feeling put together. I don’t believe in keeping things for best. Life’s too short, to think that ‘special’ day will come. I say, enjoy what you have, when you can. It will make you happy and that’s special in my¬† book.

I hope you can find some inspiration along the way, and if you have any style questions, or want to know more about me, then please get in touch.


Chichi x